We dream, explore, create and craft experiences for you to gain.

Our products

International larps

Liveform is a partner in creating large, international larp projects. The most famous of these (so far) is College of Wizardry, where participants can attend to a magical school for witches and wizards for four days. The setting? Fairytale Czocha Castle in Poland. And you’re invited.

City games

We’ve done a lot of interesting things in cities. Interactive sightseeing. Historical events. Treasure hunts. Imagine being a detective in your favourite city. Immerse yourself into riddles and secrets of your local pubs, cinemas, museums, galleries… or live through the history of the area.

Custom projects!

We’ve done projects for libraries, companies, schools, churches, municipalities and so on. The list is long, and much of what we do is custom-designed for the individual customer. So if you have something you want done, talk to us about it - there’s a good chance we’ll find a solution!

Workshops & Lectures

Our partners from Rollespilsakademiet have been teaching others about larp since 2002, and have published 16 books on the subject. They have done workshops for banks, conferences with an international audience and trained members of worker unions via roleplay.

Since 2012 Liveform has organized big national conferences, prepared lectures for international audience and taught how to create larps. If you are interested in a lecture or a workshop, we will make that happen.

Print & play

Since role-playing is an utter pleasure for us, we want to share our best scenarios with you - for free! You can download everything you need to play in .pdf format an invite your friends for an adventure.