We dream, explore, create and craft memories for you to share.

Experience out past!

College of wizardry

A Harry Potter inspired block-buster larp is a four-day Wizard School event, where you can act out your dreams of being a student witch or wizard at a beautiful fairytale castle Czocha in Poland, surrounded by around 140 like-minded people.

Fairweather Manor

An international larp, with over 130 participants coming from many different countries. The larp is inspired by the TV series Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs.

It is a Nordic style larp set in England around World War One. During the event, the participants leave their normal lives behind for three days and step into the lives of servants, nobles, artists and local guests at a great house during the Edwardian period.

KOLA 2015 international larp conference

In 2015 we've hosted the international larp conference KOLA for over 120 participants from 10 countries in Katowice in the awesome CINiBA building.

Zombie Walk Croppkultowe

A Zombie Walk for several hundred participants in Katowice, made for the film festival Croppkultowe.

Zombie Evakuacja

Polands biggest Zombie Run with over 700 participants held in Katowice.

New Age

An heroic, cinematic & spectacular steampunk larp, based on our own, far-east inspired fiction, for 100 polish players.

Akademia Bohaterów

A fantasy battlegame for kids.